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👋 Hi, my name is Wouter

🌤 ux designer by day

🌘 icon designer by night

I've been a designer for over 24 years
The last 11 of which in the field of UX

What I do

I make sense of things.

The environments people work in are always complex. Often with even more complex systems and tools for them to work with.

I discover core patterns to bring back a level of simplicity. So people can interact with sophisticated systems with more ease and in ways that seem logical to them.

How I do it

I am a master in visualising the context of people into diagrams. This helps to find a common understanding on the desired end goal in a simplified manner.

By listening to people and observing their activities and behaviors I am able to design applications that help them perform tasks better, faster and with more joy.

What I'm like

What others have said about me throughout the years:

• a positive and flexible mindset
• passionate about his work
• asks the right questions
• delivers solutions that are well thought out
• a good listener
• nice to work with
• a quick learner
• an unusual mix of analytical and creative brain
• good sense of humor


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Interaction Design Foundation

Multiple certificates
(see full list)

(2021 - now)

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UX Academy

Senior UX Leadership


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UX Design Institute

Professional Diploma in UX Design

(2019 - 2020)

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School for Commercial Communication

Master in Art Direction

(2000 - 2002)