Supporting the new way of working

A desktop application for the end-to-end process of potato production and logistics

Supporting the new way of working

Key objectives and requirements

  • 2 crucial go-live moments during the season

  • implement track-and-trace so any delivered mini tuber can be traced back to it's mother plant

  • Supporting the new HZPC way of working in a user friendly way

  • Suited for upcoming international rollout

Working remote

Research: field study

Supporting the new way of working

Simplified process map

Early in the project I try to uncover the essence of the process. Every environments is complex, but there is always a level of simplicity to be found beneath the surface.

These visualisations usually help to streamline the conversations throughout the whole project.

Supporting the new way of working

Main sections of the app

This is how the process map translated to the main sections of the application in the navigation menu.

Supporting the new way of working

A little un-agile

Sometimes the rules need to be bend a little. When dealing with nature you have to acknowledge the superior force.

We could not iterate as much as we would like and had to be 'as-right-as-possible-first-time' on most features. Which was one of the biggest challenges I faced thus far.

Design sessions

Supporting the new way of working

Getting things clear

Depending on the phase of the design process, the amount of uncertainty, and the people involved I pick a format that suits the outcome I need to achieve to move forward.

Interaction design: wireflows

Supporting the new way of working

UI design

Supporting the new way of working


We offered each department their own section in the application. And set up a design system where the main colour of all components could switch along with the section colour.

Besides adding some joy to the application this was especially useful for the employees who needed to use more than one section. And most employees needed at least access to two of them.

Supporting the new way of working

Design system

To maintain a coherent look and feel across the application as well as to ensure efficiency in development velocity a design system is a valuable asset to remain consistent.

Before and after

Usability testing